Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Great Gatsby Glamour

A couple of Mondays ago I jumped on the Piccadilly line and headed to the Sergio Giannasso salon for a night of glamour to pay homage to the 1920s which has recently become popular due to the recent release of The Great Gatsby at the cinema.

I was greeted on arrival with a glass of Presecco and Sergio's famous home made tiramisu. A recipe handed down to him by his Grandma and totally top secret! After a quick catch up with some fellow bloggers, I was sat in the chair and put in the very capable hands of Adam.

Since Adam has been in the hairdressing industry, he has come on leaps and bounds in such a small amount of time. Having trained with Charles Worthington, Percy & Reed and working at Sergio's for just over a year. He has also worked at LFW, worked on stage with hair up maestro Patrick Cameron at Salon International and some of his own hair collections take pride of place of Sergio's salon walls. Along with all the above under his belt, he also manages to make time to contribute to MANSNAPS.

Adam gave me a quick summary of traditional 20's hair including low side partings, short fringes, pin curls, finger waves, faux bobs and zero volume. He had recently had the pleasure of meeting the hair stylist from The Great Gatsby which added to his excitement of being let loose of my bleached mop.

He started by creating a low side parting and hairspraying my full fringe into a short side fringe. On the right side, he pin curled all my hair flat to my head. While they were setting, on the left side he used the Cloud 9 wand to create uniform waves. 

Adam explained the best way to not only get a good wave but a way of creating a finger waved look. He started by taking a section of hair the same width and thickness as the wand. Placing the wand horizontally to the head, starting with the hair underneath the wand he begins wrapping it around the wand. His biggest tip was the ensure that every time you wrap the hair around the wand, is that you thumb returns to the same position it started it. By doing this you will create a more uniform wave rather than a ringlet effect usually associated with wands.

Once the left side was all waved, he sprayed it with hairspray and allowed it to cool and set. He then pinned up the back into a faux bob for a more authentic 20's hairstyle. He finished by brushing out the waves, securing them behind the ear with a few kirby grips, lashings of hairspray and a feather head band for the flapper girl look.

I highly recommend Adam and the rest of the team at Sergio Giannasso, even if its just to taste the tiramisu!

What did you think of my 20's hairstyle? Will you be giving it a try? I'd love to know!

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Lindsey Elizabeth Pritchard said...

These looks are so perfect. With Mr Selfridge and The Great Gatsby this year, I've fallen totally in love with the 20's.

Lindsey. x